Time Machine under construction

Helsinki City Museum will open a new museum in May 2016 in a unique location in the Tori Quarters, next to the capital’s iconic Senate Square. Almost half a block of the oldest core of Helsinki will be joined together as a museum. One of the museum’s main attractions is the Time Machine, a space utilising new technology into which anyone can enter and experience Helsinki of the past.

“I’m certain everyone has dreamt of a real time machine at some time. The museum will now bring this dream to life”, says Mirella Lampela who is in charge of the Time Machine project at Helsinki City Museum. The aim is to create an experience excelling even by international standards.  The software company Futurice brings its experience on service design and the latest technological solutions as a partner in the project.

Future technology enters the museum

When a visitor enters the space built in the new city museum, they will slip into vibrant, realistic Helsinki of the past–different, yet familiar. Technology is a tool, while the main role belongs to story-telling and the ideas, feelings and memories aroused in the visitor.

“Technology continues to move from equipment to spaces and environments. This is a particularly interesting project as it explores this trend in particular”, say Risto Sarvas of Futurice. At the same time, encounters between people and the connection with the past are highlighted instead of technology.

At the moment, the Time Machine is in the prototype phase. The final decisions on the technologies to be used will be made later this year.